Honey bee health: guidance

Guidance on policy, pests, legislation and inspection relating to bees in Scotland.


The guidance on importing bees into Scotland provides details on what you need to do to comply with the legislation and health certification requirements if you wish to import bees into Scotland from certain parts of the British Isles, from the EU and the rest of the world. Similar legislation is in place in England and Wales. Different arrangements are in place for Northern Ireland in accordance with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Small Hive Beetle in Calabria and Réunion

Following an outbreak of small hive beetle in the areas of Calabria and Réunion earlier this year the UK has suspended the import of live bees, apiculture products and beekeeping equipment into Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) from Calabria (Southern Italy) and Réunion (a territory of France). These measures are necessary to protect bee health in the UK.

Safeguarding measures for bees, bee products and apiculture equipment from Calabria and Réunion are now in place and will continue to apply until they are revoked or amended.

Declarations of special measures have been published which give effect to these decisions.

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