HM Fire Service Inspectorate in Scotland Annual Report 2020-21

2020-21 Annual Report which reflects HMFSI's current inspection programme and on work which has concluded within the past 12 months

7. Inspection Programme 2021-22

7.1 Local Area Inspections

7.1.1. During the next phase of our LAIs we intend to undertake the following inspections:

  • Argyll and Bute (finalising outstanding inspection work)
  • Angus

7.1.2. We recognise that the impact of the current pandemic may impact on our aspiration to complete three LAIs per year, therefore for this year, only two areas will be inspected. The detailed fieldwork of our LAI of Argyll and Bute will continue once circumstances permit, and a final report will follow between April and June
of 2021.

7.2. Thematic Inspections

  • Review of Operational and Protective Equipment

Commencing in January – March 2021

  • Health & Safety – An Operational Focus

Commencing in January – March 2021

  • Firefighting in High Rise Buildings

Commencing in April – June 2021

Review of Operational and Protective Equipment

7.2.1. The aim of this inspection is to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the Service's governance, procurement policy, management, training, routine testing, maintenance and disposal of its operational and protective equipment.

7.2.2. In particular we will consider the processes which the SFRS applies to:

  • The design of and implementation of the operational and protective equipment Asset Management Strategy.
  • The relationship between equipment manufacturers, suppliers and the SFRS's management strategy.
  • The rationale for the choice of the overall package in the procurement of equipment.

Health & Safety – An Operational focus

7.2.3. We will look at the organisational culture towards Health, Safety and Welfare, whether Health and Safety is centred on firefighter safety and that operational staff understand, and can demonstrate, how the 'firefighter safety maxim' is being applied in the SFRS. We will also consider how the Service is using national learning, data and other information to reduce risk and improve the overall safety and welfare of its staff.

7.2.4. The aim of this inspection is to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the Service's Health, Safety and Welfare with an Operational Focus. We will be looking at the governance and management, policy and planning, training and recording arrangements.

Firefighting in High Rise Buildings

7.2.5. We propose to conduct an inspection into the SFRS by examining how the Service prepares for and carries out firefighting in high rise buildings. In line with building standards, we use 18 metres as the threshold for high rise. While the main thrust of our inspection will be high rise domestic buildings due to the life risk, we will also examine high rise commercial buildings.

7.2.6. We anticipate that the inspection shall consider:

  • Preplanning and information gathering;
  • Operational procedures;
  • Training and awareness of staff;
  • Operations Control procedures including fire survival guidance;
  • Building checks and familiarisation visits by the Service;
  • How the SFRS dealt with or is dealing with the recommendations from the phase 1 report of the Grenfell Inquiry; and
  • How the SFRS is adapting to developments in high rise fire safety.

7.3. Other Self-identified Inspections

  • UN Climate Change Conference - COP26

Commencing in July – September 2021

7.3.1. HMFSI will carry out a reassurance exercise in autumn 2021 on the SFRS's plans and preparedness for the COP26 Climate Change Conference.

7.3.2. This inspection will follow similar lines to that of exiting the EU and Covid-19 inspections in order to give assurance that there is good evidence to support the SFRS strategic planning to deal with the event and manage any foreseeable issues which will arise from the Conference, and at the same time deliver its statutory duties.



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