HM Fire Service Inspectorate in Scotland Annual Report 2020-21

2020-21 Annual Report which reflects HMFSI's current inspection programme and on work which has concluded within the past 12 months

5. Thematic Inspections

5.1. Thematic Inspections are a more comprehensive inspection which involves specific themes across the whole of Scotland.

5.2. Thematic Inspections identify areas for development and provide a mechanism for addressing such areas, they seek to support and enhance the Service's learning experience and make recommendations on areas of improvement and good practice. These Reports are laid before the Scottish Parliament.

5.3. There are occasions when more detailed analysis is required which may be borne out of findings from LAIs or from national events such as the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower.

5.4. Similar to the LAIs, a structured follow-up review of Thematic Inspections is undertaken. The timescale will vary and be influenced by the complexity of a report's recommendations.

5.5. The diagrams below depict the elements we consider in arriving at the themes for our inspections and some of the areas that may form the basis for Thematic Reviews of the future.



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