Highly Protected Marine Areas - policy framework and site selection guidelines: ICIA – partial screening report

This report seeks to complete the first two stages of the island communities impact assessment (ICIA) process by identifying whether there are issues which merit further exploration. Consultation responses will be used to determine whether a full ICIA is required once specific HPMA sites are proposed.

8. Islands and HPMAs

The islands are defined as per the definition of the Island (Scotland) Act 2018:

1 (1) In this Act, "island" means a naturally formed area of land which is—

a) surrounded on all sides by the sea (ignoring artificial structures such as bridges), and

b) above water at high tide.

Using this definition, one of the ways that islands will be identified is by their direct proximity to a proposed HPMA. Consultation and direct stakeholder engagement will also be used to identify islands which may be affected by a proposed HPMA that is not adjacently located.


Email: HPMA@gov.scot

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