Highly Protected Marine Areas - policy framework and site selection guidelines: ICIA – partial screening report

This report seeks to complete the first two stages of the island communities impact assessment (ICIA) process by identifying whether there are issues which merit further exploration. Consultation responses will be used to determine whether a full ICIA is required once specific HPMA sites are proposed.

12. Next steps in the ICIA process

This partial screening document has identified a number of possible impacts for island communities. The ICIA screening determination cannot be completed until after a suite of proposed HPMAs are identified.

As the site selection process begins in 2023 and specific proposals emerge, we intend to seek perspectives from those with direct experience of island life in order to determine whether there are significantly different impacts for island communities which should be explored in more detail and addressed when meeting the commitment to designate at least 10% of Scotland's seas as HPMAs.

A full screening assessment will be published following further targeted engagement and identification of proposed HPMAs. That screening assessment will be used to determine whether an ICIA is required.

Should a full ICIA be required, it will be formally consulted on as part of the consultation package for a proposed suite of HPMAs. This is currently scheduled to occur in 2025.

A full Islands Assessment identifying appropriate mitigation measures would then be published at the time of any Ministerial decisions to designate HPMAs, which is currently expected to occur in 2026.


Email: HPMA@gov.scot

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