Higher education research in an independent Scotland

Our vision for the future of university research in an independent Scotland.


102. Scotland has a world-class higher education sector with a track record of success in attracting investment from a range of sources reflecting the excellence and global reputation of our universities and the quality of their research. With independence, we will be better-placed to support a further strengthening and enhancement of our world-class research base through strategic investment in our universities, their research excellence and the translation of that excellence into economic and social impact for Scotland facilitated by access to the full range of economic levers and the opportunity this provides to create a more coherent framework for research and innovation.

103. Research excellence is underpinned by collaboration and we will maintain existing collaborations that work well - such as remaining part of a common research area with the rest of the UK - recognising the benefits of systems that support initiatives of scale and researchers working together across boundaries. At the same time, we will further extend our global reach supporting the drive at a European level to encourage greater transnational research cooperation and collaboration and building on existing success in establishing effective international partnerships and attracting international research centres to Scotland.

104. Our universities are already active players on an international stage and independence provides the opportunity to further support a thriving internationally connected and competitive university sector with the better promotion of Scotland and our universities overseas through a dedicated diplomatic and trade network and through the development of an immigration policy that encourages and attracts talent from around the world.


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