High rise domestic buildings: inventory

Information on the construction and fire safety of high rise domestic buildings in Scotland.

Data Returns: Fire Safety

31. Data returns submitted to the HRI indicate 83% of buildings have one escape stair and 17% have two escape stairs or more.

32. Fire doors are fitted to all flat entrances in 647 buildings (83% of all buildings), down from 670 and a partial number of flat entrances in 87 buildings (11% of all buildings) up from 48. This appears to reflect a change in reporting in City of Edinburgh where some buildings which were previously reported as fully fitted are now recorded as partial due to being unable to assess the standard of door to private dwellings or where doors were replaced during maintenance. There were 26 buildings (3% of all buildings) where fire doors are not fitted to flat entrances, down from 36 and mainly driven by changes in North Lanarkshire. Further details were provided for 24 of the 26 buildings.

33. Fire doors are fitted to all escape stairs, or a partial number of escape stairs, in 720 buildings (92% of all buildings). Of the 58 buildings (7% of all buildings) where fire doors are not fitted to escape stairs, further details are provided for 55 buildings. A small number detail planned installations, but the majority clarify new fire doors are being fitted to individual flat entrances rather than escape stairs.

34. Sprinklers or other forms of automatic fire suppression systems (AFSS)[9] are reported as present in 307 buildings (39% of all buildings). Information is missing for eight buildings (1%). The most common type of system is sprinkler (269 buildings, 88% of those with AFSS), then mist (35 buildings, or 11% of buildings with AFSS), with other forms of system present in nine buildings (3% of those with AFSS). For those buildings where sprinklers or other forms of AFSS have been identified, they are most commonly found in bin stores (247 buildings) (an increase of 7)], flats (28 buildings, an increase of 5), and common corridors or stairwells (26 buildings, an increase of three. For 42 buildings, alternative AFSS locations were provided by free text response – of these, 31 buildings have AFSS located in car parks.



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