High rise domestic buildings: inventory

Information on the construction and fire safety of high rise domestic buildings in Scotland.

Completion rates

5. The HRI data collection has been delivered through the Scottish Government's ScotXed Unit with analysis of the data submitted undertaken by Communities Analytical Services. The HRI contained a maximum of 27 questions (Annex A). These were the same questions as the 2020 HRI allowing for pre-population and respondents' subsequent verification and update as required. Guidance was also issued with the questionnaire to further aid the entering of responses.

6. Completion rates for each question are also included at Annex A. Questions which dropped below a 90% completion rate included:[1]

  • Question 2.2. – What is the estimated lifespan of the building (79% complete)
  • Question 3.1.1 – If this is a Large Panel System type building, does it have a mains gas supply? (87% complete)
  • Question 3.5.1 – If yes, please identify type (of insulation materials exposed in the external wall cavity). (86% complete).



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