Heat in Buildings - national scheme: island communities impact assessment screening

A screening assessment of the requirement to complete a full island communities impact assessment (ICIA) in relation to the procurement of the a new National Heat in Buildings Scheme which will be the successor to Warmer Homes Scotland.

6. A Full Islands Community Impact Assessment is NOT required

In preparing the ICIA, I have formed an opinion that our policy, strategy or service is NOT likely to have an effect on an island community which is significantly different from its effect on other communities (including other island communities). The reason for this is detailed below.

Reason for not completing a full Islands Communities Impact Assessment :

The scheme will operate a national pricing model and ensure national coverage of service which means Island communities will not experience a different effect/ outcome of the scheme to other communities.

Screening ICIA Completed by: Lyle Cavin

Heat in Buildings Delivery Unit - National Scheme Team - Delivery Manager

Signature and Date: Lyle Cavin 13/06/21

ICIA Authorised by: Sue Kearns

Deputy Director - Heat in Buildings Division

Signature and Date: Sue Kearns 13/06/21



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