Heat in Buildings - national scheme: island communities impact assessment screening

A screening assessment of the requirement to complete a full island communities impact assessment (ICIA) in relation to the procurement of the a new National Heat in Buildings Scheme which will be the successor to Warmer Homes Scotland.

3. Step Three- Consultation

  • How will you carry out your consultation and in what timescales?
  • What questions will you ask when considering how to address island realities?
  • What information has already been gathered through previous engagements?
  • What island community concerns are you already aware of ?
  • Is your consultation robust and meaningful and sufficient to comply with the Section 7 duty?

It is not proposed for any new consultation to be undertaken for the procurement of the new scheme, as the successor scheme is already listed as a mitigating action within both the Heat in Buildings strategy and Fuel Poverty Strategy towards consultations they have already undertaken.

The Heat in Buildings Strategy, published October 2021, outlines the steps the Scottish Government will take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland's homes, workplaces and community buildings and to ensure that we remove poor energy performance as a driver of fuel poverty. The focus of this Strategy is on energy demand for space and water heating in homes, workplaces and community buildings. The strategy will be accompanied by an ICIA. As part of developing the ICIA, the strategy team undertook consultation with Island stakeholders and issues/ concerns raised by this group will be reflected in the final ICIA, with any potential mitigating actions relating to the new national delivery scheme being pursued by the Heat in Buildings national delivery team when procuring the successor.

The Fuel Poverty strategy was published in December 2021 The Heat in Buildings Delivery Unit will review any mitigating actions proposed in relation to the procurement of the successor scheme and adopt into delivery of the scheme mitigating actions which are agreed.



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