Heat in Buildings delivery report: 2019-2020

Seventh annual summary report of the HIBs (formerly HEEPS) programme which includes the outcomes achieved from the 2019-2020 programme and an overview of cumulative progress since 2013.

7. HIB Programme Delivery Since 2013

Since 2013, our HIB programmes have helped make a significant contribution to the Scottish Government’s commitment to tackling fuel poverty. We estimate that almost 165,000 households now live in homes which are warmer and more cost effective to heat as a result of improvements installed through our schemes. These changes will continue to benefit these households for many years to come.

Over the lifetime of the measures installed these Scottish households will cumulatively save over £1b pounds in their fuel bills and over 3.5m tonnes of CO2. The Scottish Government’s investment in HEEPS between 2013 and 2020 is now over £754m.


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