Health and social care: winter resilience overview 2022 to 2023

Sets out the range of actions we are taking to support our health and social sector throughout the winter period.

Priority Eight.

Work in partnership across health and social care, and where necessary, with other partners, to deliver this Plan.

In order to deliver on our commitments, we have put in place a governance system with strategic oversight across health and care to recognise and mitigate evolving risks; maintain a flexible response; and enable an effective response to whole-system winter pressures.

The Chief Operating Officer NHS Scotland (COO), supported by Health and Social Care Directors, will report to Ministers on the progress in terms of the delivery of response options and their impact in addressing whole-system pressures throughout the winter period.

That reporting will enable us to actively monitor and evaluate strategic risks to allow timely national-level decision making that is closely coordinated with Health Boards and Social Care partners across Scotland.

National Oversight

  • NHS Scotland National Response Group (at Gold level)
  • Regular NHS Scotland-SG Meetings
  • Social Care Gold Command
  • System Response Group (combined Health and Care Gold)

Local Monitoring

  • Local Health Board Command at Bronze/Silver/Gold levels
  • Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) Command at Bronze/Silver/Gold levels
  • NHS Scotland Health Board and HSCP Local Resilience and Operational Plan



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