Health and social care delivery plan

Delivery plan to set out the framework and actions needed to ensure that our health and social care services are fit to meet requirements.

How Will Delivery Be Tracked?

49. It is crucial that the delivery plan does not remain a simple statement of intent, but a continuing process of monitoring, challenge and review. Every component of the delivery plan will continue to be tested for its fit with our strategic aims and how it supports shifting the balance of care towards community settings, managing demand, reducing waste, harm and variation, and delivering value from our total resources. We will challenge the expected levels of investment and levels of efficiencies in local, regional and national plans to ensure delivery of the aims of the delivery plan.

50. As part of this, a robust, integrated performance framework for the different components of the delivery plan will be developed for early 2017. Progress will be regularly reviewed to ensure that actions not only remain on track and anticipated outcomes can be fully realised, but that the delivery plan is updated with new measures as appropriate. It cannot remain a static document, but a way of continually assessing whether the measures and approach being taken are appropriate and sufficient to secure our Vision.


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