Health and social care: data strategy - equality impact assessment

Equality impact assessment (EQIA) for Scotland's first data strategy for health and social care.


1. Data Strategy Engagement Summary Report

2. Data Dialogues Phase Two

3. Data Strategy for health and social care - Scottish Government - Citizen Space (

4. Health and social care - data strategy: consultation analysis - (

5. Racial-Inequality-Scotland_Report_Sep2021.pdf (

6. FINAL-Data-Dialogues-Report-compressed-1.pdf (

7. Data-Strategy-for-Health-and-Social-Care-Consultaion-August-2022.pdf ( – As is evidenced in our conversation with people with learning disabilities, but was expressed by many groups of people with a range of protected characteristics.

8. The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland Consultation Response

9. Maternity Services | NHS Lanarkshire ( – See information box on BadgerNotes

10. MDMW enhances life quality and brings cost savings | University of Dundee

11. Digital health in primary care: risks and recommendations | British Journal of General Practice (

12. BMJ 2022;379:e069861 - Adapting to transparent medical records: international experience with "open notes" | The BMJ

13. GP online services toolkit: Clinical safety (

14. You want to know that you're safe

15. Keeping Well and Staying Connected - Full Report.pdf ( – Explanation of the barriers to digital inclusion (and accessing data digitally) some people with learning disabilities face.

16. A changing nation: how Scotland will thrive in a digital world - (

17. CRER response to consultation – Inequalities faced by minority ethnic individuals are noted in the Coalition for Racial Equalities and Rights response to the consultation on this Strategy.

18. National Advisory Council on Women and Girls: Women and Girls' Heatlh Feb 2019

19. Monitoring ethnic health inequalities in Scotland during COVID-19 (

20. A&E activity - Data and intelligence - Public Health Scotland – People over 75 are most likely to attend A&E

21. Age Scotland response to consultation

22. Life-Sciences-Strategy-for-Scotland-2025-VisionFINALlow-res.pdf (

23. Unlocking the Value of Scotland's Data: Public Engagement Around Access of Public Sector Data with or by Private Sector Organisations

24. Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights Consultation Response

25. Key and Community Lifestyles Consultation Response

26. Expert Reference Group on COVID-19 and Ethnicity: Recommendations on Systemic Issues

27. Different Ethnic Groups and Health Outcomes | Patient

28. Coronavirus, older Black people and health inequalities | Discover | Age UK

29. Equality Data Improvement Programme (EDIP) project board - (

30. For example in individuals needs, and monitoring of diseases, relating to the reproductive system.

31. Data collection and publication guidance Sex Gender Identity Trans Status (

32. At present an individual's biological sex is indicated as male or female through the use of an odd or even digit in their CHI number.



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