My Health, My Care, My Home - healthcare framework for adults living in care homes: summary

Framework providing a series of recommendations that aims to transform the healthcare for people living in care homes.

Making This Happen

Following publication of this framework we will embark on a period engagement and collaboration with key stakeholders from across the sector to effectively implement and deliver the recommendations outlined in the framework.

Moving forward it is essential that we ensure we are aligned with individual policies across the health and social care system so we can build on the many good practices that are already in place and are able to influence the levers that will allow the recommendations to happen. We recognise this will not transpire immediately and implementation will be ongoing and require a collaborative approach across the system.

To enable us to do this we will:

  • establish an 'implementation oversight group' with members from all areas of health and social care as well as people living in care homes and their families
  • consider at a Directorate Health and Care level the most effective means on achieving the recommendations by ensuring we are aligned to broader programmes and priorities such as the care and wellbeing portfolio and urgent and emergency care collaborative, and in doing so, ensure we can adequately resource the recommendations.
  • work with the Care Inspectorate, Health Improvement Scotland, Public Health Scotland and academic and policy colleagues to develop a set of metrics to monitor and evaluate success and provide a robust platform for quality improvement.
  • work with the sector on a number of improvement projects to understand how we can embed the vision and in doing so ensure we understand the opportunities and challenges to achieve the recommendations at scale across the sector.
  • Produce an annual review of progress against the frameworks recommendations.



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