My Health, My Care, My Home - healthcare framework for adults living in care homes: annual progress report September 2023

This is the first annual progress report for My Health, My Care, My Home. It looks back on the past year, highlighting some initiatives that have aided the delivery of the Healthcare Framework’s recommendations. It also references others that started prior to June 2022 that have since progressed.

Ministerial Note

This is the first annual progress report for My Health, My Care, My Home, which was published in June 2022.

Publication of this bold and ambitious document came at a pivotal time for the sector as it began to transition out of the pandemic. The focus on the person, their immediate network and multi-disciplinary team (MDT) is entirely right and a model of care that is as appropriate for those living in care homes as across communities.

We applaud the pillar approach in the framework from “anticipation/prevention” to “end of life care” and the recommendations that have and will continue to support the sector in improving experience and outcomes for those living and working in care homes. The framework cuts through several strategic and policy drivers in social care, health and beyond, such as the place-based approach; reducing inequalities; community wellbeing; and inclusive local economic development.

We also recognise that putting the person at the centre of their care and supporting staff to deliver a MDT led model not only benefits residents and staff, but also contributes to the recovery of a resilient health and care system, which was outlined in the recent First Minister’s policy perspective.

It is really encouraging that we have been able to fund the development of the Collaborative Care Home Support Teams and we recognise just how vital a role they play in locally supporting care homes and driving improvement.

We have been fortunate to see first-hand so much excellent practice and innovation that is happening across the care home sector and look forward to seeing that continue.

Maree Todd, Minister for Social Care, Mental Wellbeing and Sport

Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery, Health and Social Care



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