Health and Care Experience Survey 2019/2020: technical report

Report on the technical aspects of the survey, including development, implementation, analysis and reporting.

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3. Survey Design

Survey Development

The questionnaire was reviewed in 2019 to ensure continued relevance of survey questions, reflect changes to the way that health and care services are provided, and to incorporate feedback from the 2017/18 survey. Details of the changes to the questionnaire can be found in Annex A. The information provided to survey recipients in the covering letter was also updated and improved along with the privacy notice for the survey which is available at

Survey Materials

The initial survey pack included a letter and an information leaflet in a range of languages. Respondents were asked to complete the survey online and told that a paper questionnaire would follow with the reminder if they were unable to complete it online. A helpline was also available to handle questions or complaints about the survey.

A reminder pack was sent to people who had not responded to this initial letter after a couple of weeks. This pack included a reminder letter, an information leaflet and a paper copy of the questionnaire.

Copies of all of the survey materials and the privacy notice can be found at



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