Health Board Elections and Alternative Pilots: Literature Review

This report presents the findings of a literature review which explored evidence on methods to enhance public representation on Health Boards. It was undertaken alongside an evaluation of NHS Scotland health board electoral and alternative pilot projects arising from the Health Boards (Membership and Elections) (Scotland) Act 2009. The Act follows several other measures in Scotland which have aimed to increase public involvement and accountability in NHS decision making.


1. Converted from Canadian dollars at 17th September 2010 exchange rate for illustrative purposes (£1 = $1.61)

2. It is important to note that New Zealand turnout figures include blank, spoiled, and invalid papers which are returned. The numbers casting valid ballots are significantly smaller. It is also common for electors to be asked to vote in several different elections on the same ballot paper. For example, an elector may be asked to vote for Health Board members on the same piece of paper as for a local mayor and councillors; this is likely to affect turnout.


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