Hate crimes recorded by the police in Scotland, 2022-23

This report presents updated information on the number of hate crimes recorded by the police in Scotland during 2022-23 (along with previously published time series analysis since 2014-15).

Type of hate crime by hate aggravator (Table 5)

For each of the different aggravators ‘Threatening or abusive behaviour’ was the most common hate crime recorded. For all aggravators except  race, ‘Threatening or abusive behaviour’ made up the majority of crimes for each aggravator, ranging from 54% of transgender identity hate crimes up to 76% of sexual orientation hate crimes. For race aggravated hate crimes, 43% were ‘Threatening or abusive behaviour’.

In most other cases, all other crime types only made up a small proportion of recorded hate crimes.

Additionally, as might be expected, a relatively high proportion (30%) of crimes recorded with a race aggravator were ‘Racially aggravated conduct’. This is because it is a standalone offence relating to racially aggravated behaviour, whereas there are no standalone offences relating to the other strands. There was a correspondingly lower proportion of ‘Threatening or abusive behaviour’ offences recorded for crimes with a racial aggravator. Again, this would be expected as the offence of ‘Racially aggravated conduct’ is similar to the offence of ‘Threatening or abusive behaviour’[3].


[3] The difference being that corroboration of the racially aggravated nature of the perpetrator’s behaviour is required to record the standalone offences of ‘Racially aggravated conduct’ and ‘Racially aggravated harassment’


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