Hate crime strategy: delivery plan

The delivery plan sets out a range of activity that we will take forward with partners over the next two years to tackle hate crime.

4. Reviewing progress

In addition to progressing specific activity outlined in this delivery plan, members of the Hate Crime Strategic Partnership Group will oversee the progress of the delivery plan as a whole, providing challenge as appropriate. Minutes of meetings scrutinising activity will be published on the Scottish Government website.

We will review this delivery plan with our partners in 2026, but will bring this date forward should that be necessary. The views of communities with lived experience of hate crime will be critical in understanding if we have made the progress we hope to see.

A subsequent delivery plan will be developed in 2026, building on the activity taken forward to date and in line with commitments in the Hate Crime Strategy.

We will review progress towards the aims set out in the Hate Crime Strategy in five years’ time. Improved data will allow us to better understand the nature, characteristics and extent of hate crime in Scotland and our ongoing, rights-based participatory engagement will help us understand the progress we have made.


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