Hate crime strategy: delivery plan

The delivery plan sets out a range of activity that we will take forward with partners over the next two years to tackle hate crime.

2. Hate Crime Strategy – summary

Our vision is for a Scotland where everyone lives free

Graphic showing the Hate Crime's Strategy's three aims and fourteen commitments

Graphic text below:

Aim 1

Victims of hate crime are treated with fairness, compassion and in a trauma-informed manner in which their safety and recovery is a priority

  • Ensure police response to hate crime is effective
  • Strengthen activity to address barriers to reporting
  • Improve third-party reporting arrangements
  • Ensure victims of hate crime are appropriately supported
  • Ensure effective implementation of the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021

Aim 2

The nature, characteristics, and extent of hate crime in Scotland are more fully understood and effectively inform appropriate interventions and policy development

  • Ensure lived experience informs strategy delivery
  • Improve availability of hate crime data

Aim 3

Communities are empowered, inclusive and safe, and the underlying causes of hate crime are challenged

  • Tackle online hate crime
  • Ensure people feel safe using public transport
  • Undertake regular public awareness activity
  • Develop a toolkit for local authorities to tackle hate crime
  • Develop effective approaches to preventing hate crime
  • Support young people to recognise hate crime and its impact
  • Support organisations that build inclusive communities


Email: lucy.allan@gov.scot

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