Infant food insecurity - responding and preventing: guide

Following discussions in June 2023, we committed to forming a short life working group to develop emergency integrated pathways for families in Scotland with an infant that may face food insecurity and what is available locally to them in an emergency. This toolkit forms a guide for local areas.

Key public health messages to inform local action[12]

  • No powdered infant formula is sterile which is why safe preparation and handling, and having enough fuel to be able to boil a kettle and sterilise equipment, is an important aspect of providing support. Formula feeding | Parent Club
  • All first formula milks must meet the same nutritional composition standards by law. There is no difference between brands and price does not mean a higher level of quality.
  • First formula milks can be used up to the age of 1.
  • Follow-on formula could be harmful to infants under 6 months.
  • After the age of 1, breastfeeding can continue and cow’s milk can be introduced. Formula milk is not required after the age of 1.
  • Growing up/toddler milks[13] These are different product to follow-on formula products and do not come under the same nutritional composition regulations as infant formula and follow-on formula› are unnecessary and not recommended as part of a toddler diet.[14]
  • Growing up/toddler milks should not be given to an infant under 12 months as they may be harmful to them.
  • Only use specialised milk (foods used for special dietary purposes) on the advice of a healthcare professional.



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