Infant food insecurity - responding and preventing: guide

Following discussions in June 2023, we committed to forming a short life working group to develop emergency integrated pathways for families in Scotland with an infant that may face food insecurity and what is available locally to them in an emergency. This toolkit forms a guide for local areas.


1. SACN_report_on_Feeding_in_the_First_Year_of_Life.pdf ( ‘Responsive feeding’ is a form of ‘responsive parenting’, in which parents are aware of their child’s emotional and physical needs and react appropriately to their child’s signals of hunger and fullness (Black & Aboud, 2011).

2. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (

3. pdf RCPCH_0.pdf (

4. Reducing food insecurity in UK households with infant children December 2023.docx (

5. Child poverty summary (

6. Healthy Start needs urgent improvement to tackle food insecurity in the early years | Food Foundation

7. Tackling child poverty delivery plan: fourth year progress report 2021-2022 - focus report on households with babies under one - (

8. State-of-Health-Visiting-Report-2023-FINAL-VERSION-16.01.24.pdf (

9. Local NHS Infant Feeding Teams should be included in signposting

10. UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Guide for Local Authorities and Health Boards

11. Use resources below including the National Breastfeeding Helpline

12. Infant milks for parents & carers — First Steps Nutrition Trust

13. These are different product to follow-on formula products and do not come under the same nutritional composition regulations as infant formula and follow-on formula

14. Feeding young children aged 1 to 5 years - summary report - GOV.UK (

15. Tackling child poverty priority families overview - (



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