Planning system - promotion and mediation: draft guidance - consultation

This consultation paper seeks views on draft guidance on the promotion and use of mediation in the Scottish planning system.

Annex E: Guidance on The Promotion and Use of Mediation - Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment

Assessment Not Required Declaration

Policy title

Guidance on the promotion and use of mediation

Directorate: Division: team

Directorate for Local Government and Communities

Planning and Architecture Division

Policy lead responsible for taking the decision

Graham Robinson

Rationale for decision

The Fairer Scotland Duty applies to 'decisions of a strategic nature' - these are the key, high-level choices or plans that the Scottish Government makes.  The duty normally applies to new strategies, action plans, strategic delivery decisions about setting priorities and/or allocating resources, major new policy proposals, and preparing new legislation.

Having considered the Fairer Scotland Duty Interim Guidance, I confirm that the guidance on mediation does not constitute a strategic decision and therefore an assessment is not required.

I confirm that the decision to not carry out a Fairer Scotland assessment has been authorised by:

Name and job title of Deputy Director (or equivalent) - John McNairney, Chief Planner

Date authorisation given - 03/12/2020



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