Funeral costs guidance: island communities impact assessment

Island Communities Impact Assessment of Scottish Government guidance on funeral costs.





4. Section 2 of the Act defines an 'island community' as one which "(a) consists of two or more individuals, all of whom permanently inhabit an island (whether or not the same island), and (b) is based on common interest, identity or geography (including in relation to any uninhabited island whose natural environment and terrestrial, marine and associated ecosystems contribute to the natural or cultural heritage or economy of an inhabited island)."

5. We have adopted the 6 fold urban rural classification as devised by the Scottish Government to define rurality and remoteness and gather further evidence on the topic.

6. Consultation on draft guidance on funeral costs

7. Published responses to the consultation on draft guidance on funeral costs

8. Draft guidance on funeral costs consultation: analysis of responses

9. Cremation Society of Great Britain

10. Unmarked: Funeral Poverty and National Assistance Funerals in Scotland 2017/18 by Stirling District Citizens Advice Bureau; 2018

11. Funerals market study - Final report and decision on a market investigation reference





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