Dog training aids guidance: review

In October 2018 we issued guidance on dog training aids, outlining expectations regarding dog training methods and highlighting the risks of using aversive training methods. This report reviews the effectiveness of that guidance.

2. Method

This review began in November 2019 when a survey aimed at gathering a range of views about the usefulness of the Guidance on Dog Training Aids (Annex B) was sent to a variety of organisations including animal welfare organisations, Dog trainers/Animal behaviourists, those involved in the manufacture/supply of electronic collars, Local Authorities as the main enforcement authority for animal welfare laws in Scotland and the veterinary profession. A total of 41 invitations were issued and a list of those invited to participate in the review is attached at Annex C.

An initial deadline for responses was set of 10th January 2020. This was later extended to 21st February 2020 in order to maximise responses from Local Authorities in particular, as the lead enforcement authority.

Data from all the responses was collated and is presented in this document.



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