Compulsory purchase orders and acquiring authorities: guidance on CPO use

CPOGNAA/001 First in a series of guidance notes intended to provide information for acquiring authorities with no, or limited experience of compulsory purchase on how to use CPOs.

7. Further Advice & Support

7.1. Acquiring Authorities considering the compulsory purchase of land should seek their own legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity.

7.2. General advice on CPO policy or CPO powers can be obtained from the CPO Policy Unit. However, specific queries about CPO Powers or the process of confirming CPOs should be addressed to the CPO Lead Officer for the relevant policy area. Full contact details for the CPO Unit and CPO Lead Officer network can be found at: /publications/compulsory-purchase-orders-contact-information/

7.3. In addition, Scottish Ministers strongly encourage Acquiring Authorities to utilise the free technical check that is available from the Scottish Government for any draft Order.

It is a useful process for Acquiring Authorities once a draft CPO and the associated documentation have been prepared, prior to the formal making of the Order and the placing of statutory notices and advertisements. See CPOGNAA/003 for more information on technical checks.


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