Grouse Moor Management Group: report

Report to the Scottish Government from the independent Grouse Moor Management Group which looks at the environmental impact of grouse moor management practices and advises on the option of licensing grouse shooting businesses.

Annex 3: List of abbreviations

BBS Breeding Bird Survey

BTO British Trust for Ornithology

CPD Continuing Professional Development

EU European Union

EC European Commission

FTE Full time equivalent

GIS Geographic Information System

GPS Global Positioning System

GWCT Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature

JNCC Joint Nature Conservation Committee

JRS Joint Raptor Study

LMDP Langholm Moor Demonstration Project

RPID Rural Payments and Inspections Division

RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SFRS Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

SLE Scottish Land & Estates

SPA Special Protection Area

SSSI Site of Special Scientific Interest

SNH Scottish Natural Heritage



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