Good Food Nation proposals for legislation: analysis of consultation responses

Analysis of responses to the Good Food Nation Proposals for Legislation consultation.

Other Comments

112. A number of organisations responding to this consultation welcomed the opportunity to provide their views on the proposals laid out in this consultation; and many of these provided background detail about their organisation in order to help set their response in context.

113. Most of their comments, each made by small numbers of consultation respondents, echoed those made in response to earlier questions, and covered issues including:

  • Enshrining the right to food in the Good Food Nation legislation.
  • The need to ensure that any statutory duties in the future will be compatible with food law as it exists at that time, and the need to avoid legislation that will simply repeat or conflict with existing legislation.
  • The need for cross-cutting legislation that incorporates all relevant policy areas.
  • A desire for an independent statutory body to oversee all aspects of food in Scotland.
  • Development and introduction of a National Food Plan.

114. Some consultation respondents provided commentary in relation to the consultation questions, with some comments that the questions were difficult to understand.

115. Other issues raised by very small numbers of consultation respondents included:

  • A need for mandatory food labelling.
  • Concerns over the loss of farm land to house building.
  • The need for healthy food across public sector organisations such as universities or schools.
  • A need for legislation for private companies involved in the food sector to ensure they meet the needs of Good Food Nation.
  • The need to introduce statutory measures in instances where voluntary measures prove to be ineffective.
  • A need to force businesses to take action.
  • A need for higher levels of engagement with producers.



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