Gigabit in Scotland - public review: analysis report

A report setting out the responses to the Public Review into eligible premises for public investment via Project Gigabit and actions taken as a result of the responses. The report also describes the next steps for the delivery of Project Gigabit in Scotland.

2. Purpose Of This Public Review Report

Under the UK Government’s Gigabit Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme[3] guidelines, public sector intervention in broadband infrastructure investment is limited to those areas where there is no current or planned (within the next 3 years) commercial deployments, to avoid distorting what might otherwise be/become a competitive market.

The Scottish Government carried out an Open Market Review[4] of all current and planned infrastructure within the scope area between 21st February 2022 and 21st March 2022. The submitted data allowed us to produce a draft intervention area for the Public Review.

The Public Review is now complete and this report sets out the responses to the consultation and the actions that the Scottish Government has taken as a direct result of those responses and subsequent data changes from suppliers.



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