Getting to Scotland: information for displaced people from Ukraine

How the Scottish Government can sponsor visas for Ukrainians who don't have family in the UK, to come to Scotland.


From 13 July 2022, the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme continues to be paused for new applications. We are doing this to make sure we can provide support and sanctuary to those displaced people who are in Scotland already or will shortly be arriving. 

If you made your application under the Super Sponsor Scheme before 13 July 2022, it will be processed.

If you have been issued a visa under the Super Sponsor Scheme, your visa is valid and you can travel to Scotland.

Getting to Scotland 

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Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. We have already welcomed people from Ukraine and have tried to make it as safe and easy as possible for people to come and live here. 

You can apply for a visa with the Scottish Government as your sponsor, to come to Scotland. This means you do not need to have family in the UK or find a person to sponsor your visa. This is called the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme. 

On this page:

Choosing the Scottish Government as your visa sponsor 

If you choose us as your visa sponsor and come to Scotland, you will get: 

  • a place to stay  

  • childcare and education for your children 

  • healthcare 

  • advice on travelling to Scotland 

  • help with other things like language support  

You can get a job, and you may also be able to study for free at Scottish universities and colleges.

Applying for a visa  

You must have a valid visa to enter the UK, including Scotland. 

There are two visa schemes for people from Ukraine who wish to come to the UK: 

  • Ukraine Family Scheme – for people who have family in the UK including Scotland 

  • Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (also known as Homes for Ukraine) – for people who do not have family in the UK and need to be sponsored. This includes if you want the Scottish Government to sponsor your visa 

You must apply for a visa through the UK Government, where you can find out the rules for each scheme. It is free to apply.  

Applying to the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme 

If you would like the Scottish Government to sponsor you to come to Scotland you should apply through the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.  

On the application: 

  • you will be asked if you are being sponsored by an ‘organisation’ or an ‘individual’ 

  • choose ‘organisation’  

  • next, choose ‘Scottish Government’ from the list 

After you apply for your visa 

If you choose us as your sponsor the UK Government will tell us if they approve your visa application.  

You will get an official permission letter confirming that you can travel to the UK. We will also contact you with information about coming to Scotland. 

How the Scottish Government will contact you 

When we know you have a valid visa, we will contact you by either: 

  • email (from a address) 

  • text message (SMS) 

The email or text will be a ‘welcome’ message. It will include a phone number you can call to: 

  • get travel advice 

  • tell us when and where you will arrive in Scotland 

  • tell you what do to when you arrive in Scotland 

  • let us know if you need any extra help when you arrive  

Visa and immigration advice 

To get free, confidential advice about coming to Scotland from Ukraine, call the Ukraine Advice Scotland helpline on 0800 995 6045 on: 

  • Tuesdays between 10:00 and 13:00 (UK time) 

  • Thursdays between 10:00 and 13:00 (UK time) 

If you are not able to call the helpline for any reason or if you need an interpreter, email Someone will then arrange to call you back.

Travelling to Scotland 

You should not arrange travel to Scotland until you have a valid visa. 


Flights to Scotland


Many countries around Ukraine have direct flights to Scotland.

Ryanair to Edinburgh from:

  • Bratislava 
  • Bucharest
  • Budapest
  • Gdansk
  • Kaunas
  • Krakow
  • Poznan
  • Riga
  • Sofia
  • Tallinn
  • Warsaw-Modlin
  • Wroclaw

Ryanair to Glasgow from: 

  • Krakow 

  • Wroclaw 

  • Warsaw-Modlin  

easyJet to Edinburgh from: 

  • Krakow 

Wizz Air to Edinburgh from: 

  • Bucharest  

  • Budapest  

  • Gdansk   

  • Warsaw-Chopin  

Wizz Air to Aberdeen from:  

  • Gdansk  

Air Baltic to Edinburgh from: 

  • Riga  


You may be able to get free train travel: 

Free travel within the UK 

If you arrive in England or Wales, you can get free train travel to Scotland by showing your Ukrainian passport and a boarding pass dated within the previous 48 hours.  

When you arrive in Scotland, the largest Scottish bus operators and Glasgow Subway are offering free onward travel if you need it. Show your Ukrainian passport and a boarding pass dated within the previous 48 hours. 

If you need help whilst travelling 

Whilst travelling, if you have any concerns, contact your nearest UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office: 

Also, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) have set up hotlines for people affected by the crisis in Ukraine. 

  • Ukraine: 527 (free from mobile phones), 0800505501 (free from landline phones), and 527 website

  • Poland:  +48 22 490 20 44 

  • Lithuania: +370 525 14352 

  • Slovakia: from abroad 00421 5263 0023, locally 0850 211 478, Telegram/Signal: 00421 908 767 853 

  • Moldova: Bureau of Migration and Asylum (BMA): 080001527 (free from Moldova) and +37322820007 (from abroad); La Strada Anti-trafficking and Safe Migration: 080077777 (free from Moldova) and +37322233309 (from abroad)

Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies and Consulates  

Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Головна | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine ( 
In case of emergency phone: +38 (044) 238-16-57  

Ukraine representation in other countries 

Travelling with pets 

You need to get approval to bring any pets you have to the UK. Get more information on bringing your pet to the UK from Ukraine

When you arrive in Scotland 

There are welcome desks for people arriving from Ukraine at many arrival points in Scotland including:  

  • Edinburgh Airport 

  • Edinburgh Waverley train station  

  • Glasgow Airport 

  • Glasgow Central train station  

  • Cairnryan Ferry Port (by boat)   

Signs will tell you where to find the welcome desk.  

Where you will stay 

If you have a Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme visa, you will get free temporary hotel accommodation when you first arrive. We will talk to you about your options for a place to stay longer term. 

We will ensure this accommodation is safe for you and your family. 

You will receive a ‘welcome pack’ with information about: 

  • your employment and welfare rights 

  • how to access education for children 

  • healthcare 

Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme leaflet

A leaflet about the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme is available in Українська (Ukrainian), Русский язык (Russian) and Polski (Polish). 



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