Getting to Scotland: information for displaced people from Ukraine

Scotland is ready to welcome people from Ukraine who would like to make Scotland their home. Find out more.

Scotland is ready to welcome displaced people from Ukraine who would like to make Scotland their home. We have a proud history of warmly accepting people affected by conflict and adversity and the generosity and friendliness of Scots extends to you.

Translations in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish can be found at the bottom of this page.


For information on how to get a visa to go to Scotland, go to: UK visa support for Ukrainian nationals.

Immigration advice

JustRight Scotland has officially launched a new free, confidential advice line called Ukraine Advice Scotland. This project, funded by the Scottish Government, is fully operative and will provide help and support to Ukrainians and their families on legal routes for seeking safety in Scotland. 

To access this service, please call the advice line number 0800 995 6045. 

The helpline is available on the following days/times:

  • Tuesdays between 2pm and 5pm
  • Thursdays between 10am and 1pm

If you are not able to call the helpline from outside the UK, or during those times, or if you require an interpreter, you can email and they will arrange to call you back. 


There is a wide choice of flights from countries around Ukraine which connect directly to Scotland.  

Ryanair to Edinburgh from:

  • Bratislava 
  • Bucharest
  • Budapest
  • Gdansk
  • Kaunas
  • Krakow
  • Poznan
  • Riga
  • Sofia
  • Tallinn
  • Warsaw-Modlin
  • Wroclaw

Ryanair to Glasgow from:

  • Krakow
  • Wroclaw
  • Warsaw-Modlin 

easyJet to Edinburgh from:

  • Krakow

Wizz Air to Edinburgh from:

  • Bucharest 
  • Budapest 
  • Gdansk  
  • Warsaw-Chopin 

Wizz Air to Aberdeen from: 

  • Gdansk 

Air Baltic to Edinburgh from:

  • Riga 

Wizz Air have made 100,000 seats free to those fleeing Ukraine from surrounding countries such as Poland, Hungary and Romania. For full details and to enquire if you can qualify for a free flight please visit Wizz Air Free Flights

Other methods of transport

If you are unable to fly for any reason and can only travel overland, Deutsche Bahn in Germany and SNCF in France are offering free travel options for displaced Ukrainian residents as is the Eurostar service to England from France.

Once in the UK, you can book free train travel via National Rail.


If you are travelling with a pet or pets, you can get information on how to bring these to the UK at Ukrainians entering the UK with pets.

On your way to Scotland

Whilst travelling, if you have any concerns please contact your nearest UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office:

Additionally, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) have set up hotlines for persons affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

Alternatively, please contact your nearest Ukrainian Embassy.

When you arrive in Scotland

When you arrive in Scotland you will be provided with free temporary hotel accommodation if you need it. Whilst living in the hotel, we can discuss with you the longer term accommodation options.

You will also be given a  ‘welcome pack’ with information about:

  • your employment and welfare rights
  • how to access education for children
  • healthcare

Ukrainian - 29 March 2022

Russian - 29 March 2022

Polish - 29 March 2022



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