Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill: consultation

The draft Bill reforms the process by which trans people gain legal recognition of their lived gender through a gender recognition certificate.

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“the GRA” is the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

“the 2010 Act” is the Equality Act 2010.

“the Bill” is the draft Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, which is the subject of this consultation.

“the ECHR” is the European Convention on Human Rights.

“the EHRC” is the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

“a GRC” is a gender recognition certificate. A full GRC provides legal recognition of a person’s acquired gender.

“the GRP” is the Gender Recognition Panel. This is a UK Tribunal which currently deals, across the UK, with applications for legal gender recognition.

“the Principles” is a reference to the non-binding Yogyakarta Principles on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“the Registrar General” is the Registrar General for Scotland.



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