Gender Equality Taskforce in Education and Learning: Theory of Change report

This report contains the Theory of Change model and its accompanying narrative. The Theory of Change will help the delivery of the Taskforce’s agreed ambition: to end systemic gender inequality in education and learning.

Part one: The Theory of Change model

To end systemic gender inequality in education and learning

Our goal

All girls and young women in Scotland, including girls and young women affected by intersecting inequalities, will:

  • be taught by gender competent, anti-racist educational professionals who understand intersecting inequalities
  • not experience sexism, sexual harassment or gender based violence in the classroom or other educational setting
  • freely chose activities subjects and areas of study, including those traditionally dominated by boys and men, and whereby boys, young men and non-binary people are also able to choose subjects traditionally dominated by women


  • Teachers have resources, money and time to take action
  • There is intersectional leadership at policy and practice levels
  • We understand what gender competency means
  • This work is linked to other policy areas

There is an intersectional analysis and understanding throughout the whole school

Other outcomes of this work:

  • There is strong leadership around these issues in schools and policy arenas
  • Children and young people participate meaningfully
  • Professionals have a gender-sensitive, trauma-informed approach to sexual violence
  • Teachers have confidence in the systems in place when they step in
  • Survivors are meaningfully supported
  • School estate planning is gender competent
  • School culture is gender competent
  • Intersectional gender equality is integrated into education reform
  • The perceived undervaluation of early years and childcare work is addressed
  • Power hierarchies and gender segregation within schools is addressed
  • Communities are engaged in this work

Headline activities we will do to do this are:

  • Develop and support data collection and analysis
  • Develop and support resource and curriculum development
  • Develop and support inspections focusing on high level outcomes
  • Develop and support accountability systems and support – including targets and gender budgeting
  • Develop and support survivor centred and trauma informed policies and procedures
  • Support the meaningful participation of children and young people
  • Support and develop impactful professional learning and development with all school staff
  • Support and develop meaningful survivor centred support and knowledge
  • Support and develop gender competent school estate planning



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