GDP Quarterly National Accounts: 2023 Quarter 2 (April to June)

This publication includes updated estimates of onshore GDP growth in real terms up to the second quarter of 2023, along with additional breakdowns of GDP by categories of income and expenditure, and key household sector economic statistics, which are used for economic forecasting and modelling.

In 2022 as a whole, annual onshore GDP is estimated to have been £188.9 billion in total, or £34,457 per person. This increased by £19.1 billion, or 11.3% compared to 2021 due to the combination of real terms growth of 5.2% and an increase in the GDP deflator by 5.8% which reflects the high levels of price inflation experienced during 2022.

Including oil and gas extraction in Scottish waters, Scotland’s GDP in 2022 is estimated to be £211.7 billion in total, or £38,622 per person. As well as the sharp rise in the nominal value of onshore GDP during 2022, the gross value added from oil and gas extraction in Scottish adjacent waters also increased strongly due to high oil prices and increased profitability during the year.

Although GDP statistics in real terms are available for the onshore economy only, estimates of GDP in nominal terms are produced for both the onshore and wider economy including oil and gas extraction. These are widely used for international comparisons and fiscal analysis. A range of other statistics on oil and gas activity in Scottish waters is available from the Scottish Government.



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