ARE Futures Fujitsu technical assurance review

Our response to the key findings of the independent technical assurance review into the rural payments and services IT platform.

3. Overall Conclusion

The overall conclusion is that the architecture is fundamentally sound and the IT Platform should be retained. For various reasons explained in the Report, there needs to be significant and targeted remediation to the developed application as part of an iterative improvement programme, as well as improvement to associated development and support processes. This will provide the longer term sustainability, scalability and flexibility that is necessary. The Report is balanced in that it acknowledges that many improvements have already been made, or are underway, while also identifying what more should be done.

The Annex to this document contains the key findings from Executive Summary from the Report. This is published for the first time as the Key Findings have now been agreed by all parties involved, and work is now underway on a joint remediation and improvement programme. The Executive Summary contains 23 Key Findings that are being addressed through this joint approach, and the Annex includes a commentary for each that provides a concise description of what actions are being taken.


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