A future strategy for Scottish agriculture: final report

A report from the Scottish Government's Agriculture Champions on the development of a future agriculture strategy.

Annex A - National Discussion on the Future of Scottish Agriculture 2015-2016

In 2015 and 2016 the Scottish Government set out and consulted stakeholders on a vision statement for Scottish agriculture and a set of desired policy outcomes.

Vision Statement

Scotland has a green, innovative and profitable agriculture industry which is outward-looking and resilient, supporting our economic growth, environment and communities and contributing to global food security.


1. Strong sustainable growth in profits from agriculture, driven by increased market-orientation, competitiveness and resource-efficiency.

2. Our agriculture industry works as part of our food and drink sector to increase profitability and strengthen Scotland's reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.

3. Agriculture, and the wider agri-food supply chain, is resilient to shocks and to future challenges.

4. High levels of training, education and skills enable farmers to improve their profitability and become greener.

5. Farmers boost their performance by embracing innovative techniques and best practice, underpinned by Scotland's world-leading research institutes.

6. Scotland is a world leader in green farming.

7. Agriculture is recognised as an exciting and rewarding career and there are a range of routes into the industry for new entrants.

8. Agriculture is valued for its contribution to Scottish society

9. Scotland takes a leading role on key issues affecting agriculture on the UK, EU and world stage.


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