The future of forestry in Scotland: consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to the public consultation on the future of forestry in Scotland. Report by Craigforth.


1. Please note that the total number out of 20 does not sum to 20 due to rounding.

2. Two respondents submitted more than one response. These respondents were contacted and asked which of those responses should be considered as their response. The other response was then removed.

3. Using publicly available information e.g. that on an organisation's website.

4. The Woodland Trust disagreed with some aspects of the proposals and called on its members to respond to the consultation. They also launched a petition objecting to the proposals.

5. Responses can be found at:

6. This was often not stated explicitly at Question 1 but was in line with further comments made at subsequent questions.

7. Forestry Commission staff are already civil servants.

8. The Scottish Government's 'Guide to Public Bodies in Scotland', explains that an Executive Agency is a constituent part of Government but not part of a core department. It has a Chief Executive and advisory management Board, with some external non-exec members, or a senior management team. In contrast, Non-Departmental Public Bodies ( NDPBs), are not part of the Scottish Government but operate within a framework of governance and accountability set by Ministers. The Guide to Public Bodies in Scotland - including further information on different types of NDPB that are possible - can be found on the Scottish Government's website at: The analysis draws on the full comments made, however there were occasions when it was not absolutely clear how phrases such as agency or body were being used by respondents.

9. The Board was established to build operational and cultural alignment across the former rural affairs, food and environment portfolio. Its members are the chief executives of the main delivery bodies in environment and agriculture, relevant senior policy officials and some non-executives.

10. Please note that the total number out of 20 does not sum to 20 due to rounding.

11. ibid.

12. Scion is a Crown Research Institute that specialises in research, science and technology development for the forestry, wood production and wood-derived materials and other biomaterial sectors.

13. Please note that the total number out of 20 does not sum to 20 due to rounding.

14. The substantial majority of the answers did not provide further material for analysis, for example because the respondent made a statement such as 'Nothing I can think of' or 'Not that I am aware of'.


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