Framework for Nursing in General Practice

Guidance and support materials fro general practices on the employment and development of nurses

Framework for Nursing in General Practice

Support from Professional Organisations

Practice nursing has long been characterised by its ability to adapt to meeting the health care needs of people seeking advice and care from their general practice. Yet this adaptability has brought with it a complex melee of role description and function, employment conditions, educational attainment and opportunity. Throughout the UK many health administrations - local and national - have sought to rectify this situation and ensure quality care outcomes from practice nurses whom are appropriately qualified and recompensed for the work they carry out. The Scottish Executive is to be commended for the inclusive approach taken in the production of this framework and we look forward to working with them, practice nurses, and our GP colleagues in bringing its intent to reality.

Mark Jones
Director, Community Practitioners' and Health Visitors' Association

The Framework for Nursing in General Practice supports and enhances professional development for practice nurses. In addition, it recognises that the role of the practice nurse is integral to the delivery of patient care in the primary care setting and this is embraced in all aspects of the framework. It links to all of the RCGP Scotland assessment programmes and we are delighted to see it launched.

Dr Mairi Scott
Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (Scotland).

SGPC recognises and values the significance of nursing within General Practice and we encourage all moves to positively enhance and improve working arrangements for all those employed within primary care. SGPC therefore recognises the Framework's guidance notes and template documents as useful tools for GPs and Practice Managers who are either voluntarily looking to put such arrangements in place, or seeking to review their current arrangements. SGPC anticipates that the framework will be particularly useful to larger practices with significant human resources capabilities.

Yours sincerely

Yours sincerely

Dr David Love
Joint Chairman
Scottish General
Practitioners Committee

Dr Mary Church
Joint Chairman
Scottish General
Practitioners Committee

The development and launch of the Scottish Framework for nursing in General Practcie has been eagerly awaited by Practice Nurses in Scotland.

From its inception in early 2003, Julie Orr and I have endeavoured to represent the members of the SPNA - we have voiced their views concerns and encouragement throughout the last busy year. The group working on the framework has worked hard and deliberated over many months on the content and structure of the final document. The effort is demonstrated throughout the document, as we now have a Framework to support Practice Nursing that is easy to read, follow and understand.

I feel sure that Practice Nurses facing the many changes and challenges of todays, and of future General Practice will find this comprehensive and hard fought for Framework the essential core in the development of their profession - esnuring the highest quality care for our patients.

The SPNA is proud to have been involved in its development.

Anne Cooper
Chair, Scottish Practice Nurses Association (until 1/3/04)

Nurses are key to helping people make the most of their health. Nurses are leading on the transformation in health care services and in no sphere is it more apparent than primary care.

This framework will enable practice nurses to deliver, with colleagues, the ambitious opportunities for improvements in patient care generated by the new GMS contract. It offers guidance and standards for quality and professional nursing practice, set within modern employment expectations.

Agenda for Change applies to the NHS UK wide and the RCN will continue to drive to improve pay and careers for nurses working in all settings across the UK including the independent sector and for practice nurses.

This is an opportunity for practice nursing to plan and shape modern careers within primary care teams. RCN Scotland is pleased to support the implementation of this framework and hopes individual nurses, practice managers, Community Health Partnerships, NHS Boards and medical organisations, all play their part.

James Kennedy
Director, Royal College of Nursing (Scotland)

UNISON is delighted to note that recognition is given to the evolving role of the Practice Nurse. This is particularly so given the huge volume of changes that continue to occur within the NHS in Scotland.

This document goes some way the developing consistency in the treatment of these staff which in turn offers security and ultimately safer standards of care.

Bridget Hunter
Regional Officer

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