Scottish Land Reform and community buy outs: EIR review

Information request and response under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004

Information requested

1. How many applications for community buy out funding in Scotland have been made to the Scottish Government since 1991?

2. A list of those applications to include applicant organisation and local authority?

3. Who was the vendor for each application?

4. How many granted?

5. Why were applications rejected?

6. What funding was granted to each project?

7. If not covered in the original application, what were the explicit aims and objectives of each project?

What land/infrastructure change of use was associated with each application?

9. How have the aims and objectives been achieved for each project?

10. What measurables are in place to determine value for (public) money of each community buy out?

11. What extent of the population was impacted and how?

12. Copies of reports that have been issued for measuring success against published aims and objectives?


As was outlined in our original response, HIE jointly administer the Scottish Land Fund with the National Lottery, on behalf of the Scottish Government. I understand that you have been in touch with HIE and that Sandra Holmes responded.

I have concluded that your review request is valid, and that the information should be released.

However, in the interim the information you requested was provided and has already been released by HIE. In the interests of completeness I have attached spreadsheets supplied by HIE on behalf of Scottish Government, confirming the Scottish Land Fund awards over the relevant period.

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