Tender documents relating to Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland Members Recruitment: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

Information requested

"...the (invitation to) tender documents relating to the procurement ‘Recruitment of Members to the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland’ (PCS Contract Notice JUN357287), requesting “all documents uploaded on the PCS-Tender website for this tender”.


I enclose the following documents.

1.    Invitation to Tender  Note that two parts of this document - the Specification and the Evaluation Criteria - were amended during the tender period and that it is the amended versions of these which are included here.

2.    Broadcast Messages  (comprising information issued to tenderers during the tender period)

3.    European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)  This is the document referred to in page 2 of the Invitation to Tender.  The ESPD consists of an online form which tenderers are asked to complete.  Note that the version of the ESPD included here is not an exact replica of the ESPD as seen by tenderers but is a “buyer’s view” of the same document (and contains some additional information about the project).

For brevity, I am omitting some standard documents that are referred to in the ESPD.  The “PCS-Tender Supplier Response Guide” (referred to on page 2) is automatically issued with every ITT and provides tenderers with technical guidance to using the system.  And the “ESPD Attachment” (referred to at questions 2A.17.4, 2C.1.1 and 2D.1.2) provides tenderers with a spreadsheet versin of the ESPD form (for completion on behalf of proposed sub-contractors etc.). 
Also omitted is material uploaded onto PCS-T by tenderers, i.e. clarification questions and tender responses.

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FOI-19-02593 Information released - Invitation to Tender
FOI-19-02593 Information released - Broadcast messages
FOI-19-02593 Information released - ESPD


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