Family Nurse Partnership - a family nurse's perspective: 10 year anniversary

A reflection of the first 10 years of the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme in Scotland from a family nurses’ perspective.

Closing thoughts

As the FNP Programme in Scotland celebrates its 10th anniversary and looks forward to the next stage in its journey, a family nurse Supervisor reflects on her own personal FNP journey so far.

"For me and members of my team who share a strong sense of social justice, witnessing the challenges and inequality that the young women experience can be painful. The boundaries of working so closely with young people are issues that are addressed in supervision with the family nurses and also with the psychologist.

"FNP to me is about respectful communication and using communication skills. It's about helping young women to believe in themselves and in their abilities. And of course, most importantly, it's about the babies, the attachment and bonding and promoting early brain development both in the womb and in the first two years of life. In the final analysis, FNP is always about recognising risk and being prepared to seek wider support to ensure the child's safety.

"There is something hugely rewarding in working with young women and seeing their unrealised potential beginning to flourish. Our Scottish culture in families and workplaces can lead us to undermine ourselves and others, focusing on the negatives. The strength-based approach makes you look at things in an entirely different way.

"FNP brings together the two main career motivations I've had in my life – helping vulnerable young women and promoting child health."

Finally, when asked how she would describe FNP to others, one family nurse stated:

"It is not health visiting.

It is intense.

It is rewarding.

It should be measured longitudinally.

It can be great fun.

It is supportive and educational.

It is a privilege to share our clients' journeys."



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