Delivering sustainable flood risk management: guidance (2019)

Second edition of statutory guidance to SEPA, local authorities and Scottish Water on fulfilling their responsibilities under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.

Annex 1

Flood risk management milestones for the 2nd flood risk management planning cycle (2022 – 2028)


Lead authority

FRM Act requirement

June 2017

Scottish Government

Publish reviewed guidance on sustainable flood management.

December 2018


Publish the 2nd National flood risk assessment leading to a review and identification of potentially vulnerable areas


Identify any changes to Local Plan Districts

No statutory deadline

Local authorities

Regularly review and update schedule of clearance and repair works.

Timescales to be set by Scottish Ministers

Local authorities

Prepare maps of water bodies and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

Timescales to be set by Scottish Ministers


Prepare maps of artificial structures and natural features.

Timescales to be set by Scottish Ministers

Scottish Water

Publish an assessment of flood risk from sewerage systems.

December 2019


Publish an assessment of opportunities for restoration of natural features and characteristics to reduce flood risk.


Publish reviewed flood hazard maps and flood risk maps.


Publish a statement of consultation actions.

December 2020

SEPA and lead local authorities

Publish draft 2nd flood risk management strategies and local plans for consultation.

December 2021

SEPA and lead local authorities

Publish 2nd flood risk management strategies.

June 2022

Lead local authorities

Publish local flood risk management plans.

2022 onwards

SEPA and responsible authorities

Implement the actions in local flood risk management plans

Cycle repeated every 6 years thereafter

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