Litter strategy - five years on: review

Review of our national litter strategy "Towards a litter free Scotland: a strategic approach to higher quality local environments,” published in 2014.

2. Review process

Zero Waste Scotland developed a review process in agreement with Scottish Government, as summarised in Figure 1. This process was facilitated by C2W Consulting, who also collated the feedback gathered from partners and stakeholders between stakeholder events and steering group meetings. Appendix 1 outlines the organisations which were invited to join the steering group and stakeholder events.

This review process took place between August and November 2019. Throughout the process there were three steering group meetings and a stakeholder event. Stakeholders who were unable to attend the event were engaged through a survey asking for feedback on the different items covered below. This review process began with an initial stakeholder meeting in August 2019 and was completed with the production of this report in November 2019.

Figure 1: Diagram outlining the steps to the review process including dates in 2019 of steering group meetings, gathering feedback and engagement.
Figure description below

Figure description:

Flow chart outlining the steps of the review process in 2019 which included: (1) an initial steering group meeting on 14 August, (2) a stakeholder event on 3 September, (3) a second steering group meeting on 8 October, (4) engagement with stakeholders at Scottish Resources Conference in October, (5) a survey which ran between September and November, and (6) a final steering group meeting on 22 October 2019. Feedback was gathered between each of these events and the review process concluded with this written report in November.



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