Fireworks legislation and impacts: international evidence review

Desk-based review of evidence on the impact of fireworks, in the context of international legislation and regulations.


1. Some states do not allow the use of consumer fireworks or have restrictions on the size, type, or time period in which they may be used.

2. Michigan allows the sale and use of all consumer fireworks, however, sellers must pay a fee ($600-1000) to sell higher-power consumer fireworks, and a tax will be added to fireworks purchases.

3. The 2007 amendment was the result of an investigation into the sale and misuse of fireworks called for by the Minister for the Environment in 2004, following increasing numbers of people, animals and property being harmed by fireworks.

4. While the majority of studies from Asia were out of scope, 3 such studies were included as they proposed ways of minimising the impacts of fireworks, which could be implemented in Scotland.

5. While the majority of studies identified for this review were conducted in this timeframe, in some cases, older studies cited within more recent research were also included.



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