Firearms Certificate Statistics, Scotland, 2013

Firearm Certificate Statistics, Scotland, 2013

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Table 4: Firearm Certificates - number of items possessed on firearm certificates and number of additional items authorised to be purchased or acquired on firearm certificates in Scotland as at 31 December 2013

Type of Item Breakdown of type of item not avalaible7 Total
Section 1 Shotgun1 Rifle Handgun2,3 Carbine Muzzleloader Air weapon4 Miscellaneous5,6
Under Lever Bolt Action Rifle Handgun Rifle Handgun
Possessed8 1,824 44,150 800 87 12 194 481 350 107 16,264 20,089 84,358
Authorised to be purchased/acquired 360 5,397 109 16 5 50 104 92 1 3,991 1,065 11,190
Total 2,184 49,547 909 103 17 244 585 442 108 20,255 21,154 95,548

1. Any smooth-bore gun which has a barrel of less than 24 inches in length, has a magazine which takes more than two cartridges or has a removable magazine.
2. Includes those items which were exempt from the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997, e.g. single shot humane killers, shot pistols, trophies of war, antique firearms and 'handguns' used by the SSPCA.
3. A large part of the increase in the number of handguns compared to previous years is a result of harmonised recording practises resulting from the establishment of Police Scotland. Humane killers should be recorded as handguns but in previous returns some legacy force areas had not been recording them as such.
4. For further information on the types of air weapons that a firearm certificate is required for please see Note 4.4.3.
5. Includes items such as Section 5 firearms, tranquillising rifles, etc.
6. Due to a change in recording practices relating to sound moderators, there has been an increase of around 10,000 in the number of miscellaneous items held on firearm certificates and an increase of around 2,500 in the number of miscellaneous items authorised to be purchased or acquired . For further information please see Note 4.2.6.
7. For technical reasons, within the legacy Tayside Police force area it is not possible to provide a breakdown of items held on firearm certificates.
8. For further information on the number of items possessed on firearm or shotgun certificates please see Notes 4.2.8 and 4.2.9.


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