Fire and Rescue Service Wildfire Operational Guidance

This guidance has been produced to give fire and rescue service personnel an additional understanding and awareness of the phenomenon of wildfire. It examines the hazards, risks and controls relating to Fire and Rescue Service personnel, the personnel of other agencies and members of the public at Incidents of wildfire. It also provides a point of reference for those who may be called upon to plan for wildfire events and for those incident commanders and personnel responding to such incidents.


Project Manager, Paul Hedley Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service

As the project manager, I am indebted to all those who have contributed their time and expertise or provided the development team with the support and encouragement necessary to allow the production of this operational guidance. There were many consultees and contributors, but the following deserve special mention:

Project Sponsors

Trevor Johnson CFO Highlands and Islands FRS, CFOAS Wildfire Lead & Chair of the Scottish Wildfire Forum (initial until February 2012)

Stewart Edgar CFO Highlands and Islands FRS & Chair of the Scottish Wildfire Forum (from February 2012)

Principal Author and Co-author

Steve Gibson Northumberland FRS

Paul Hedley Northumberland FRS

Fire and Rescue Services Division - Scottish Government

Brian Paton HM Scottish Fire Service Inspectorate

Steve Torrie Chief Advisor - HM Scottish Fire Service Inspectorate


Scottish Operational Guidance Board

Scottish Wildfire Forum

Chief Fire and Rescue Advisers' Unit - Department for Communities and Local Government

England and Wales Wildfire Forum

CFOA Wildfire Group

Grup de Recolzament d'Actuacions Forestals (GRAF), Cataluña, Spain

Gestão Integrada de Fogos Florestais (GiFF SA), Portugal

Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), Victoria, Australia

Consultation Respondees and Contributors

Simon Thorp The Heather Trust

Graham Sullivan Scottish Natural Heritage

James Manning Dumfries and Galloway FRS

Robbie MacDougall Highlands and Islands FRS

Ian MacGregor Highlands and Islands FRS

Ian Ramsden Highlands and Islands FRS

John MacDonald Highlands and Islands FRS

Stuart Cruickshank Grampian FRS

Brian Irvine Northern Ireland FRS

Alan Motion Met Office

Dorothty Evans Met Office

Brian Massie Merseyside FRS

Richard Hammond Mid and West Wales

Graeme Fraser Scottish Government

Richard Luxmoore National Trust for Scotland

Linda Kosciewicz-Fleming Scottish Government

Desmond Oakes Strathclyde FRS

Sean Prendergast Peak District National Park

Rob Gazzard Forestry Commission

Michael Bruce Fire Break Ltd / Glen Tanar Estate

Steve Yearsley Greater Manchester FRS

Duncan Taylor Cumbria FRS

Andy Thomas South Wales FRS

Graeme Smith South Wales FRS

Chris Kerr Northern Ireland FRS

Alan Clark Surrey FRS

Andy Elliott Dorset FRS

Noel Rehfish Scottish Government

Susan Turpie Scottish Government

Phil Boon Scottish Natural Heritage

Glyn Morgan Fire Officers Association

Additional Advisors / Contributors

Kevin Arbuthnot Editor and co-author - Fire Service Manual, Operations, Vol 2, Incident Command

Kevin Gibson Lancashire FRS

Roger Harman Chartered Water and Environment Manager

Karl Kitchen Met Office

Ian Long Northumberland FRS

Patrick Edwards Northumberland FRS

Bruce Hardy Northumberland FRS

Marc Castellnou GRAF, Cataluña, Spain

Special Thanks

Mark Allen Highlands and Islands FRS - Project Administration

Ashley Tulloch Illustration and Graphics Production

Alex Bennett CFO Northumberland FRS and CFOA Wildfire Lead

Photographs and Illustrations

Sincere thanks are due to the following individuals and organisations for permission to use many of the photographs and illustrations contained within the operational guidance.

Peak District National Park, Met Office, Metropolitan Fire Brigade Victoria, States of Jersey FRS, South Wales FRS, Royal Berkshire FRS, Pau Costa Foundation, Forestry Commission, Julian Knight, Michael Brewis, GIFF Portugal, GRAF Cataluña Spain.


Email: Dean Cowper

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