Financial review of early learning and childcare in Scotland: the current landscape

Information on the early learning and childcare system in Scotland, with a focus on provision of the funded entitlement.

Annex B: Eligibility criteria for qualifying benefits








- Over 18

- Work less than 16 hours/week

- Partner must work fewer than 24 hours/week

- have less than £16,000 in savings

- Having illness or disability that affects ability to work

- Under state pension age

- not getting sick pay or maternity pay

- not getting JSA

- be pregnant, carer or lone parent with child under 5

- between 16 and Pension Credit age

- have no or low income and savings of less than £16,000

- work fewer than 16 hours a week partner also works fewer than 24 hours a week

- not getting JSA or ESA

- Work more than 30 hours if 25-59, otherwise 16

- Work more than 24 hours/week between couple with child with one working at least 16 hours

- No set income limit, but £18,000 for couple w/o children

- (ipso facto not in receipt of JSA/ ESA/ IS)

- Child must be under 16 or under 20 if in f/t education

- no set income limit; for one-child family household income <£26,100

- have reached pension qualifying age

- savings taper: for each £500 of savings £1 is deducted from PC; max. allowance depends on circumstances

- can overlap with JSA, WTC, CTC, SDA/ IB

- SDA/ IB has been replaced by ESA

Most benefits are mutually exclusive. However, there may be large overlap of CTC and other benefits.


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