Financial redress for survivors of historical child abuse in care: review of the Advance Payment Scheme

This review of the Advance Payment Scheme considered a range of issues over the first five months of the scheme’s operation.

Annex: Detailed Scheme Statistics

Applications as at end September 2019

April/May June July Aug Sept Total
Applications received 95 73 54 26 35 283
Applications approved 39 61 63 45 22 230

Note: The difference between applications received and applications approved is accounted for by applications being processed and any ineligible applications. There have been 17 ineligible applications in total as of end September 2019. Ineligible applications were those which do not meet the criteria set out in the application form, either in relation to age or terminal illness, or not being in care in Scotland.

Enquiries as at end September 2019

Applications sent by post 152 22 27 17 11 229
Applications downloaded from website 464 130 53 81 66 794
Telephone enquiries 325 160 158 86 97 826

Breakdown of Type of Applicant

  • Age-related 88%, terminal illness 12%
  • Male 54%, female 46%

Age of Applicants

Age of Applicants

Location of Applicants

Location of Applicants



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