Financial redress for survivors of historical child abuse in care: review of the Advance Payment Scheme

This review of the Advance Payment Scheme considered a range of issues over the first five months of the scheme’s operation.

6. Feedback from survivors

6.1 A formal system for collating feedback from applicants was purposefully not put in place at the start of the Advance Payment Scheme as this was considered to be a further demand on survivors in addition to the process of applying.

6.2 However, an optional section was included in the application form for any further information an applicant might want to provide, and it was highlighted there that any feedback on the application process would be welcome.

6.3 Whilst few applicants to date completed this optional box, many have provided heartfelt and often very emotional feedback to the scheme Advisers or by way of thank you cards and emails. These have often praised the role of the Advisers in making the process friendly and putting them at their ease. Many have also commented on the value of receiving the letter reiterating the Deputy First Minister's apology of 2018 when they receive their payment.

6.4 Feedback is encouraged and we will continuously seek opportunities to improve the process for applicants to the Advance Payment Scheme to ensure it is as sensitive, trauma-informed and as straight forward as is possible within the scheme requirements.



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