Scottish Agricultural Census: June 2019

Statistics regarding the area of crops and other farmland, livestock, agriculture workforce and rented farmland.

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Slight increase in women working in agriculture

The majority of working farm occupiers are older than 55

Migrant labour information is collected in the June Census. Quality issues with the data make it difficult to provide accurate estimates, but the trend indicates that migrant labour has decreased in 2019.

More information is available in the notes accompanying this report.

  • Agricultural Employees 29,200

In addition to 37,800 farm occupiers, there were 29,200 regular and seasonal employees working in agriculture. The majority of these people working in agriculture were males: namely 77 per cent of regular labour, and 68 per cent of seasonal labour.

Although the overall number of employees remained relatively stable, in June 2019 there were 270 more women employees working in agriculture than there were in June 2018. This is an increase of four per cent, and mostly due to a six per cent increase in women working as seasonal labourers.



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